Q: How do I start a CCDC team?
There is no “one way” to start a CCDC team.  To compete in CCDC events you will need a team of full-time students and a coach – a faculty or staff member from the college or university you represent.  Some schools sponsor their CCDC teams as part of computer security clubs, student ISSA chapters, or other student organizations. 

Q: How do I prepare for CCDC events?
We have a short team preparation guide available for download here.  While this guide is certainly not all-inclusive, it will help you get started and will point you in the right direction.

Q: I have a team that wants to compete, where do I sign up?
A: The CCDC is organized into regional events.  Your team must sign up to compete in the geographic region where your college/university is located. You can find your region and the POC for your region on our map here.  When you are ready to sign up, email/call the regional POC to get started.

Q: How are CCDC events scored??
A: Teams can earn points at CCDC events in two major categories – service points and inject points.  Service points are awarded for operating and maintaining identified critical services such as an e-commerce site or DNS server.  Inject points are awarded for completion of business tasks delivered throughout the competition.  Service points and inject points are each roughly half of the possible points available during a CCDC event.  Teams can lose points for violating Service Level Agreements on critical services and for allowing the Red Team to penetrate their networks.